is a province in the lower part of northern region in the Eastern Lanna Territory 457 kilometers by drive away from Bangkok, and administratively divided into 9 districts, Muang Uttaradit, Lab Lae District, Pichai District, Tha Pla District, Nam Pard District, Fak Tha District, Baan Khok District , Thong Saenkhan and Tron District.

North : Nan and Phrae
South : Phitsanulok
East :   Phitsanulok, Loei and the boundary of the People's Democratic Republic of Laos.
West : Sukhothai

Distances from Uttaradit city to  
nearby Provinces
- Loei 385 kms.
- Nan 190 kms.
- Phrae 75 kms.
- Phitsanulok 120 kms.
- Sukhothai 100 kms.
its districts
- Baan Khok 165 kms.
- Fak Tha 113 kms.
- Lab Lae 8 kms.
- Nam Prad 72 kms.
- Pichai 45 kms.
- Tha Pla 40 kms.
- Thong Saenkhan 42 kms.
- Tron 24 kms.

How to get there
Uttaradit is accessible by car, train and plane. Car travel along Highway No.1 and then turn to highway No.32 and No.11. A drive of about six hours will bring you to Uttaradit which is 491 kilometers from Bangkok. Ordinary and air-conditioned buses and coaches leave the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok every day. Several types of train leave the Hua Lamphong Railway Station passing through Uttaradit every day.
Thai Airways International offers a flight from Bangkok to Phitsanulok and journey takes about one hour.


Festivals & Events

Phrayapichai Daabhak and red cross festival
This is an annual Winter Festival and a festival to remember the brave actions of Phraya Phichai Daabhak. The festival is schuduled during January every year.

Buddhabahtyukol Festival 
Wat Phra Boromthattoonyang, Wat Phrataen Silaasna and Wat Phra Yuen 
In the 8th-15th full moon night of 3rd month [MAKHA BUCHA DAY] of every year there will be merit making tradition to worship Phrataen Siraasna. Nearby villagers will come to help clean the temple area for welcoming priests and citizens from other town who will come to make and worship the Prataen in large number.

Langsaad Day Festival

Langsaad is a famous fruit of Uttaradit Province. During September and October Langsaad will fully ripe and give sweet and good smell taste in order to stimulate farmers to improve the variety of Langsaad to promote sale for farmers, the province has organized Langsaad day festival on weekend of September every year.


Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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