Trang , or Taptiang, is another big town in the South, which is the first to grow rubber trees of which the saplings were brought in from Malaysia by Phraya Rasssadanupradit Mahissarapakdi. 
Trang is a seaport on the Thai west coast 1,124 kms. from Bangkok on Phetchakasem Road. At present, there is a new route, from Suratthani to Trang, which makes the total distance from Bangkok 864 kms. Its area is 5,216 square kms. or about 3,095,000 Rai. The northern boundary is next to Thung Song District, Nakhorn Si Thammarat Province; the southern by Thung Wah District, Satun Province, the Indian Ocean. The Administration of the province is divided into 9 districts and 1 sub-district; Muang (Trang Town), Kantang, Huay Yod, Sikao, Yan Takhao, Palian, Wang Wiset, Nayong Districts, and Ratsada Had Samran sub-districts.

The geography of Trang
consists of three main areas: the North which is hilly like waves with flat plains in between suitable for rubber plantations; the Central which consists of sloping areas and in the North of which most of the soil is red and suitable for agriculture; the South which is flat low coastal land along the west side of the Indian Ocean, spreading all along the province's boundary of 119 kms. Its soil is sandy and thus suitable for oil palms.

Trang is a coastal province on the Indian Ocean and on a narrow piece of land, thus, there are monsoons all year round, resulting in a high amount of rain. Only the time from February to April is without rain. The amount of rain in 1980 was as high as 2,607.6 mm. For this reason, Trang only has two seasons: summer and rainy season. The above said characteristics make Trang most suitable for agriculture, especially rubber planting.

Distances from Trang city to its districts
North - 
South -
East - 
West -
Connects with Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Connects with Satun and Indian Ocean.
Connects with Phattalung.
Connects with Krabi and Indian Ocean.
- Hat Samran 
- Huay Yod 
- Kan Tang 
- Nayong 
- Pa Lien 
59 kms.
28 kms.
24 kms.
12 kms.
44 kms.
- Ratsada 
- Sikao 
- Wang Wiset 
- Yan Takhao 
57 kms.
23 kms.
60 kms.
20 kms.

How to get there

By bus 
The Transportation Company Limited provides daily services both of non and air-conditioned buses, leaving from the Southern Bus Terminal on Borom Ratchonnani Road in Bangkok. Further information can be acquired by calling 435-1200, 435-1199. There is also a province bus company, Sap Paisan Tour. Tel. (02)435-5017 (Bangkok), that offers regular services.

By Train 
There are two trains. 
From Bangkok : 
1. Rapid train Number 167, leaving from Bangkok for Kantang at 18.20
2. Express train number 83, leaving from Bangkok for Trang at 17.05
From Trang :
1. Rapid train number 168, leaving from Kantang for Bangkok at 13.10
2. Express train number 84, leaving from Trang for Bangkok at 17.10
Contact :  Bangkok Railway Station , Tel. (02) 224-7788, 223-3762 or 225-0300 ext. 5200-03 for ticket booking Trang Station , at Tel. (075) 213-082 for ticketing information.
By plane
Thai International Airways offers daily flights from Bangkok to Trang . Reservations can be made at Tel. 280-0060, 628-2000 and Trang (075) 218-066. 
Transportation within Trang Town 
There are Tuk-Tuk and motorbike taxi available to any place in town for 10 Baht flat rate. The transportation between towns can be done conveniently by air-conditioned van, bus and taxi.

Festivals & Events

Vegarian Festival
is a traditional festival of the Chinese in Trang, held around October every year on a full-moon night. Thais of Chinese heritage would become a vegetarian (no consumption of meat and certain kinds of vegetables) and dress in white for 9 days and nights. This is to bring good fortune and make merit. Throughout the 9 days and nights, the spirit in the "medium" would go out and give blessing (some call it out touring) to households where there are offerings set out in front. The procession bearing the medium must light thousands of firecrackers, creating a deafening din. The medium would also perform supernatural feats to show that the spirit is in him

Cake Festival 
derives from the fact that Trang people are well known for making delicious cakes. This is particularly true for the villagers of Ban Lam Phu Ra where making cakes dates back generations. The cakes of Trang have no frosting and have several flavors like orange, coffee, three-flavored, etc. The festival is scheduled for every August. The cakes make ideal gifts.

Trang Roast Pork Festival
is a tourism promotion activity of Trang, held every September. The festival features the mouthwatering roast pork of a special recipe of Trang. The pork skin is crispy, the meat is tender and it is delicious due to a process by which the pig is fermented with herbs then roasted whole on a specially made grill. Trang's roast pork is sold daily and goes well with morning coffee or can be a dish at banquets

Ta Phao Shell Festival
is aimed at promoting the conservation of nature and the environment. The festival is held at Pak Meng Beach every November. There is a contest to gather Taphao shells.

Trang Products Fair
is held during 2-13 April annually. The fair combines culture, traditions and products of the province to display, to go in contests and pageants and to be sold in stores.

Annual King's Birthday and Red Cross Fair
is held during 5-15 December every year. There are entertainments and shops selling a variety of products. It is the grandest festival of Trang and of southern Thailand

Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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