Tak is the central province for development of Northern Thailand, also being the  communication center of the North having an Asian Highway passing through Myanmar Thai border into Thailand at Amphoe Mae Sot, Sukhothai, Tak towards Northeastern Thailand entering Laos at Chong Mek pass of Ubon - Ratchathani.Tak is the site of Bhumibol Dam, the largest in Thailand. Covering an area of 16,406.6 square kilometers. Tak is located 426 kms. from Bangkok, and administratively divided into 8 Amphoe 1 King Amphoe:

- Ban Tak
- Mae Ramat
- Mae Sot
- Pho Phra
- Sam Ngao
- Tha Song Yang
- Umpahng.
- King Amphoe
- Wangchao

Festivals & Events

Loi Krathong Sai
November 3-5

Loi Krathong, Thailand's lovely annual 'Festival of Lights' on the full moon night in November, is celebrated in a unique manner in Tak. Local people thread together their krathongs which are launched simultaneously and appear as lighted necklaces on the Ping River.

Taksin Maharachanusorn Fair
December 28 - January 3
Celebrated annually from December 28 - January 3 at the Taksin Shrine and provincial sports field, the fair features religious ceremonial and processions, displays and nightly folk entertainment.

Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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