Muang Suphanburi has been prosperous since the Dhavaravadi Sri Suwanaphum and was formerly called Phanthum Buri. It was constructed during the year 877-882 A.D. on the left bank of the Tha Chin River in the vicinity of Tambon RuaYai adjacent to Tambon Phihan Daeng. Later on when the Phanthum era was over, King Katae (half Thai half Mon) was crowned and after ascending to the throne he commanded the town to be moved to the right bank of the Tha Chin River, to construct Wat Sanam Chai and to restore Wat Pa Lelai. He then persuaded 2,000 officials to enter the monkshood. The name of the town was then changed to be song Phan Buri (city of two thousands) Later on, King U Thong moved the location to the southern bank (west of Tha Chin River). The city was given a new name as U Thong until the reign of King Khun Luang Pha Ngua when the name was changed to Suphanburi. Suphanburi had been an important border town. Involving battles and wars. This caused regular damage through all ages in the past until the Ratanakosin era during the reign of King Rama VI. Then the Suphanburi communities were consolidated and settle down on the east bank of the Tha River (Suphan River) as it is now.

Suphanburi is located some 169 kilometers from Bangkok (approximately 100 kilometers through the new Nonthaburi-Suphanburi Highway .from the Khae Rai Intersection is Nonthaburi Province it is only 72 kilometers to Suphanburi ) occupying an area of 5,358 square kilometers and is administratively divided into 10 Amphoes : Muang, Doem Bang Nangbuat, Bangpla Ma, Si Prachan, Song Phi Nong. Sam Chuk, Uthong, Don Chedi, Dan Chang and Nong Yasai.

Borders Distance from Suphanburi city to
North: Chainat and Uthai Thani
South: Nakhon Pathom
East:   Angthong, Ayutthaya and Sing Buri
West:  Kanchanaburi
nearby Provinces
Angthong 45 kms.
Ayutthaya 60 kms.
Chainat 99 kms.
Kanchanaburi 95 kms.
Nakhon Pathom 108 kms.
Sing Buri 90 kms.
its districts
Bangpla Ma 10 kms.
Dan Chang 79 kms.
Doem Bang Nangbuat 52 kms.
Don Chedi 33 kms.
Nong Yasai 56 kms.
Sam Chuk 39 kms.
Si Prachan 21 kms.
Song Phi Nong 69 kms.
Uthong 32 kms

How to get there

By Bus
Direct air-conditioned buses leave every hour from the Northern Bus Terminal on Phahonythin Rd. (Tel.(02) 9361972,9362841), starting from 05.00 a.m.-06.00 p.m.
The fares are 52 Baht by first air-conditioned.
The fares are 45 Baht by second air-conditioned.
The fares are 32 Baht by non air-conditioned.

By Train
Direct Train leave from Bangkok Noi Station (Hua Lamphong) Tel.(02) 2250300. There is only one train. Departure time 04.30 p.m. Arrival time 06.00 p.m. It 's leave from Suphanburi 05.00 a.m. Arrival time 08.00 a.m. Fare is 40 Baht for the Special Diesel Railcar.

Festivals & Events

Don Chedi Memorial Fair
In 1592 at Don Chedi, King Naresuan the Great won a famous duel on elephant with the leader of on enemy force. This fair commemorates the momentous event with historical exhibitions, outdoor entertainment, and the high spirits characteristic of all Thai festivals

Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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