Sing Buri is an interesting town of 142 kms. north of Bangkok and was probably founded in pre-historical period. In the reign of King Rama V through consolidation of 3 small towns located on the bank of The Chao Phraya River north of Ang Thong. The three small towns, Sing Buri, In Buri and Phrom Buri, were then established as a new town on the west of the Chao Phraya River named as Sing buri.  Sing Buri currently occupies an area of 841.40 square kilometers and is administratively divided into 6 districts, Muang Sing Buri, In Buri, Bang Rachan, Khai Bang Rachan, Phrom Buri and Tha Chang.

North-Connects with Chainat and Nakhon Sawan Provinces.
South-Connects with Ang Thong Provinces.
East-Connects with Lopburi Provinces.
West-Connects with Chainat and Suphan Buri Provinces.

How to get there

By Bus
both air-conditioned buses and non air-conditioned buses leave the Northern Bus Terminal (Mor Chit 2) for Sing Buri from 05.00 A.M. until 08.00 P.M. every day. For more details contact Sor Viriya Transport Co.,Ltd. Tel. (02) 2725374 or Tel. (02)2723223. 

By Car
Traveling by car from Bangkok to Sing Buri is most convenient, there are 2 routes to choose depending on the starting point in Bangkok. Description of each route is as follow : 

First Route : Taking Highway No.1 (Phaholyothin Rd.) till Bang Pa In interchange, turn left along highway No.32 (Asia Rd.). via Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya, Ang Thong and turn left to Sing Buri for 142 kms. 

Second Route : Taking Highway No.1 (Phaholyothin Rd.) till Bang Pa In Interchange, turn left along Highway No.32 (Asia Rd.). via Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya, Ang Thong and turn left for Highway No.309 for 135 kms. 

Festivals & Events

Kam Faa
is a tradition where predictions are made about the fertility of rice crops of the Phokaa villagers. 

Tee Khaaw Bin
is a traditional which is practiced by the villagers of Tambon Chaksi. This is observed during the Songkran Day.

Kuan Khaaw thip (Stirring the holy rice)
It is a merit-making tradition of Brahmanistic origin, will be held in the Thai 10th month, in the belief that this will help develop good crops.

Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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