Phayao has an overall area of 6,355 square kilometers and is administratively divided into 7 Amphoes (Districts) and 2 King Amphoes (Subdistricts).: Amphoe Muang, Chun, Chiang Kham, Chiang Muan, Dok Kham Tai, Pong, Mae Chai, King Amphoe Phu Kam Yao and King Amphoe Phu Sang. Phayao is located 690 kilometers from Bangkok.

North : Chiang Rai
South : Phrae and Lampang
East :   Nan
West : Chaing Mai


Distance from Phayao city to nearby provinces Distance from Phayao city to its districts
- Chiang Mai 
- Chiang Rai 
- Lampang 
- Nan 
- Phare 

140 kms.
94 kms.
130 kms.
137 kms.
156 kms.

  - Chiang Kham
- Chiang Muan 
- Chun 
- Dok Kham Tai 
- Mae Chai 
- Pong 
- Phu Sang Subdistrict 

 82 kms.
84 kms.
50 kms.
16 kms.
22 kms.
80 kms.
102 kms.



Phayao is an old province of Thailand, established in 1095 by King of Chiang Saen. In the reign of King Ngum Muang, 1267 the existence of the people was very prosperous. In 1897 King Rama V combined Phayao with Chiang Rai Province, and in 1977 Phayao was divided from Chiang Rai again and proclaimed to be one of the provinces of Thailand.

How to get there

By Car
Take Bangkok - Nakhon Sawan - Phitsanulok - Sukhothai - Sri Satcha Na Lai - Denchai - Phrae-Phayao Highway for 733 kms.

By Bus 
The 10-hour journey from Bangkok can be made on air-conditioned coaches and non-air-conditioned buses originating from the Northern Bus Terminal on Bangkok's Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd. (Tel: 936-3667-8 for further details.)

By Rail
The State Railways of Thailand operates daily services from Bangkok's Hualamphong Railway Station, including a popular overnight sleeper to Amphoe Denchai (Phrae Province) and take a local bus to Phayao, some 185 kms., away. Call 223-7010 or 223-7020 for further information.

By Air
Thai Airways Internationals (Tel: 628-2000) operates daily flights from Bangkok to Chiang Rai and take a local bus to Phayao, some 94 kilometers.

Festivals & Events

Sacrificars Reminder Fair

King Ngam Muang Ceremony
- Various Colorful traditional Processions

Thai Lua Tribal Legendary Fair
- Featuring Demonstration of Tai Lua
- Various Colorful Traditional Processions
- Demonstration and Exhibition of Tai Lua Lifestyles

King Phraya Lor Ceremony
- Traditonal Processions and Kantoke Dinner

Lychee Fair
- Lychees Market and Selling Local Handicrafts

Pha Cho Ton Luang Festival
- Processions and Entertainment

Loy Krathong Festival

- Beauty and Big Krathong Contests
- Local Performance and Boat Racing

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