A quiet and tranquil province, Nan nestles in a verdant valley in northern Thailand. About 668 kilometers from Bangkok, it covers an area of 11,472 square kilometers and is made up of the following districts (Amphoe) and sub-district (King Amphoe).

Amphoe Muang, Wiang Sa, Pua,  Chiang Klang, Tha Wang Pha, Thung Chang, Mae Charim, Ban Luang, Na Noi, Na Muen, Santisuk, Bo Klua, Chalerm Phrakiat , Song Khaeo and King Amphoe Phu Phiang. Nan's history is deeply involved with its neighbors, in particular Sukhothai which played an important role in both political and religious terms. Today Nan is still the home of numerous Thai Lue and other hilltribes who retain highly interesting customs and traditions. 

North-East : - Borders Laos
South : - Borders Uttaradit.
North : - Borders Phrae, Phayao and Chiang Rai.

From Nan city to nearby provinces
- Phayao 176 kms. 
- Chiang Rai 270 kms. 
- Chiang Mai 318 kms. 
- Phrae 118 kms. 
- Amphoe Denchai (Phrae) 142 kms.

From Nan city to its districts
- Amphoe Wiang Sa 25 kms.
- Amphoe San Tisuk 32 kms.
- Amphoe Mae Charim 38 kms.
- Amphoe Tha Wang Pha 41 kms.
- Amphoe Ban Luang 45 kms.
- Amphoe Na Noi 60 kms.
- Amphoe Pua 60 kms.
- Amphoe Chiang Klang 76 kms.
- Amphoe Na Muen 80 kms.
- Amphoe Thung Chang 86 kms.
- Amphoe Bo Klua 133 kms.
- Amphoe Song Khaeo75 kms.

How to get there

By Car
Take Bangkok - Nakhon Sawan - Phitsanulok - Uttaradit - Denchai - Phrae - Nan Highway for 668 kms.

By Bus
The 9-hour journey from Bangkok can be made on air-conditioned buses and non-air conditioned buses leaving from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road (Tel : 537-8055, 936-2852).

By Rail
There is no direct train to Nan. Travellers can take a train from Bangkok Railway Station to Denchai in Phrae province. Then then take a local bus to Nan, some 146 kms away. Contact Bangkok Railway Station at Tel. 223-7010, 223-7020 for train timetable.

By Air
Thai Airways International operates daily flight from Bangkok to Nan. Contact its office in Bangkok at (02) 280-0060 for flight schedule and ticket reservation.

Festivals & Events

Golden Orange and Red Cross Fair
The fair is held annually around mid-December  at the Provincial Stadium.The golden orange, with golden peel and a sweet taste, is a famous crop of Nan Province. The orange's gold color results from the difference between day time and night time temperature. Main features in the fair include beauty contests, Golden orange parade contest, Contest, booths displayed by the government and private sectors, and various entertainment.

Nan Traditional Boat Race
It  is held in October or November when the Nan River flows swiftly past the province. It is incorporated with the celebrations of the Black Ivory and the local Tod Kathin. Boats are dugouts made from large logs and beautifully decorated. Manned by well-trained oarsmen, the racing boats are lustily cheered on by spectators lining both banks of the river.

Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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