The Pearl on the Bank of the Mekong
From its origin on the Jinhai Tibet Plateau through Yunnan into Chiang Saen District In Chiangrai, the Mekong river flows through 6 countries from Chian, through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and finally Vietnam. Standing on the river bank near the Indochinese market in front of the city of Mukdahan, one can imagine how far this river travels. Mukdahan has a saying "Beautiful city on the Mekong's bank, sweet tamarind, origin of Phaya River, splendid mountains, valuable ancient drums, eight-tribe cultures, picturesque Manorom Mount, and beautiful Kra Bao lslet."

Mukdahan is located in Northeastern Thailand, bordering Laos to the east with the Mekong in between. Mukdahan has a saying  "Beautiful city on the Mekong's bank, sweet tamarind, splendid mountains, valuable ancient drums, eight-tribe cultures, picturesque Manorom Mount, and beautiful Kra Bao Islet"

Most of the area of Mukdahan is a high plateau with dense forests in the west. The eastern part of the province is mostly agricultural areas. The weather is hot in the winter with the highest temperature of 33 C and the lowest of 10 C. There is little rain. 

The Mekong River, running 70 kilometers along the eastern border, remains the main lifeline of the province. Other water sources include Huay Chanod, Huay Muk and Huay Bung Ee Streams which are narrow and very shallow during the dry season. Mukdahan still has relative well preserved forest areas in the Northeast with 18 national forests or wildlife areas. 

Mukdahan comprises 7 districts and has eight tribes of Thai people, each of which has its distinct tradition and culture. These eight tribes are Phu T'ai, Yu, Kha, Soe, Kar Lerng, Saek, Kula, and Thai-Lao. 
Mukda or Mukdahan is one of the nine types of precious stones called Nopparatana. According to the legend told for hundreds of years, on certain nights of the religious days a Mukda would brighten, emerge from the Manorom Mount, float along the bank of the Mekong River and fall into the area where a stream meets the river. Thus the stream was named "Huay Muk" or Muk Stream. 


Mukdahan is an ancient city. The historical evidence told that Chankinnaree, Prince of Phonsim on the left side of the Mekong, had moved his people across the river to build a new city on the month of Huay Muk in the fourth mouth of B.E. 2312 or1770. He named the new city after the stream as "Mukdahan".

Mukdahan was part of the Udon Region. In B.E. 2450(1907) when the Udon Region was upgraded into a province, Mukdahan became a district within Nakhon Phanom Province . In B.E. 2525(1982), the Mukdahan District was upgraded to the 73rd province of Thailand.

How to get there

By Bus
Air-conditioned  and non-air-conditioned coaches regularly leave from Bangkok's Northeastern Bus Terminal on KamphaengPhet 2 Road throughout the day. Telephone 936-2852-66,
537-8005 for more informations. 

By Air
Thai Airways operated daily flights to Nakon Phanom or  Ubon Ratchathani and buses to Mukdahan. Contact Bangkok Tel. 280-0070 or 280-0080 for more information.

By Rail
Trains leave Bangkok's Hualampong Railway Station throughout the day for Ubon Ratchathani. For more information please contact Rail Travel Aids, Tel.233-7010 or 233-7020.

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