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It is administratively divided into 9 Amphoe (District) Muang, Khanu Woralakburi, Khlong Khlung, Khlong Lan, Lan Krabu, Phangsila Tong, Phran Kratai, and Sai Ngam ,2 King Amphoe (branch District), 78 Tambon (Sub- Districts) and 883 villages. The province's economic condition in general is highly satisfactory. Its economic development growth is 9.4% yearly on the average.

North :Tak and Sukhothai
South :Nakhon Sawan
East:   Phichit and Phitsanulok
West:  Tak


From Kamphaeng Phet city of nearby Provinces
- Phichit 90 kms.
- Phitsanulok 103 kms.
- Sukhothai 77 kms.
- Tak 68 kms.
From Kamphaeng Phet city to its districts
- Khanu Woralukburi 79 kms.
- Khlong Klung 43 kms.
- Khlong Lan 50 kms.
- Lan Krabu 55 kms.
- Phangsila Tong 70 kms.
- Phran Kratai 25 kms.
- Sai Ngam 43 kms.


Kamphaeng Phet is an important province. During the Sukhothai era, it was a town whose status was recognized as that of the crown ruling town, it is presumed to have been established in 1347 during the Reign of King Ler Thai, the 4th King of the Sukhothai dynasty and it was called "Cha Kang Rao and "Nakhon Chum" Kamphaeng Phet occupies an area of 8,607.5 square kilometers and is located 358 kms. from Bangkok. This province is in the lower Northern Region, having its territory bordering on: Tak and Sukhothai .

How To Get There

To travel from Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet (358 kms.) :
By Bus / Tour coach:
1. You can take a direct tour coach (both air-conditioned and ordinary) arranged by Tunjit Tour Tel. (02) 2720143, 27201146 or (055) 711246 or Win Tour Tel. (02) 9363753 or (055) 713971 from Northern Bus Terminal to Kamphaeng Phet or
2. You can take a "Chiang Mai" tour coach and get off at Kamphaeng Phet
By Air:
You can take a flight Bangkok to Phitsanulok and take a bus from Phitsanulok to Kamphaeng Phet.

Festivals & Events

Nop Phra Len Pleng
This is the traditional festival to give expression of Kamphaeng Phet's culture in Buddha homage paying. Every year, on full moon day in the month of "Makha Puja" (during February-March period), the grand procession will be organized to pay homage to Lord Buddha's relic at the Phra Borom That Chediyaram temple.

The Kamphaeng Phet Mini Banana Festival 
This is another traditional festival, organized to promote and publicize architectural productivity, namely, "Kluay Khai" (mini banana), which has brought fame to Kamphaeng Phet decides celebrating the festival, competition of ceremonious preparations of a kind of traditional food called "Khao Kraythip" and "Khao Krayasat" are arranged during the period of September and October.

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