Chumphon province is located in the most upper part of the Southern region.  Following the Highway No.4, it is approximately 463 kilometers from Bangkok or about 476  kilometers by railroad. The total area of Chumphon is about 6,009 square kilometers, the fourth largest province of the South.

chumponThe province is divided into 8 Districts, 70 Tambons, and 655 villages. Considering the  administrative area, there are 2 municipal areas  12 Sanitary areas and 66 Sub-district Administration Organization The boundary to the north is Prachuap Khiri Khan, to the south is Surat Thani. The Gulf of Thailand situates on the east, while the west are the Union of Myanmar and Ranong. The shape of the province is long and narrow, the west consisted of mountains which are also the natural international boundary.  The plain area which is suitable for farming is in the central part.  The east of Chumphon consist of 222 kilometers long coastal with beaches. Raining season in Chumphon is relatively long, last from May to November.  The temperature is not too high in summer and not too low in winter as well.

At June 1997 the population residing in Chumphon is 444,820; 222,865 are male and 217,955 are female.  The population density is 72 per square kilometer.  The  highest population was found in Chumphon district while the lowest are is in Patao district.  About 15.47% of total population live in the urban areas 65.41% are over 13 years old with 52.78% of labour force and  2.13% of unemployed persons.  The minimum wage in Chumphon is 130 Baht daily.

In 1996, it is found that 55.38% of total area is cultivated land, 19% are under forest and  41.68% are under residential land.

There are several natural beauty both inland and coastline, including beaches, islands, national parks and mountains.  Basically, most natural places still keep their original charm and this strong point should be
promoted for tourism.

How to get there

By Train
The journey takes about 8 hours.

  • Fast trains and express trains to Chumphon leave from Hualamphong Station,  Bangkok every.  For further details call Bangkok 2237010 and 2237020 and Chumphon (007) 511103
  • Diesel trains to Chumphon leave from Bangkok Noi Station, Thonburi. For further details call 4113102.

By Bus
Coach Service  : The journey takes about 6 hours.

  • The fare for air-conditioned coaches 202 Baht
  • Chok Anan Tour Tel.  Bangkok 4355027-9, Chumphon Station Tel. (077) 511480
  • Suwannathee Tour Tel.Bangkok 4355026, Chumphon Station Tel. (077) 511422.
  • Ordinary Bus Service  :  The fare is 112 Baht.

You can catch the bus at the Southern Bus Station, Tel. 4110111.  Buses to Chumphon leave from this station everyday.  Buses to Bangkok leave from Chumphon Bus Station, Tha Taphao, Tel. (077) 502725

By Car
Motorists can get there easily Drive along King RAMA 2 Highway for about 463 kilometers. Then, turn into Highway No. 4 and drive pass Phetchaburi Province and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province until you come to Pathomphorn Intersection. After that  turn left into Chumphon city center and carry on for about 8 more kilometers. For your own convenience, we give the following 3 - 4 possible routes for the journey to Chumphon :

Route 1 : Depart from Bangkok in the morning. Have lunch in Muang District. Go to pay respect to Sadej Nai Krom Luang Chumphorn at Ree Beach. Sight-seeing at Thoung Makham Bay and Chao Muang Hill. Pay, respect to the City Guardian Angel Shrine and Luang Poo Sonk at Chaofah Sala Loy Temple. Swim in the sea and stay the night at Thung  Wua laen Beach, Pa Thiew District. Visit Rub Ror Cave in the morning. Stop to pay respect to Phor Ta Hin Charng Shrine and return to Bangkok.

Route 2 : Depart from Bangkok at night. Have breakfast at Lang Suan District. Visit Khor Khao Beach. Pay respect to Kuan Im the Goddess of Mercy. Visit Khao Kriab Cave. Have pig's Knuckles at Nok Noi Restaurant, Lamae District. Visit hot spa, Khao Phlu Cave. Visit Tawan Chai Beach. Stay the night at Lang Suan District. Visit Pa Toh District. Visit Haew Loam Waterfall. Visit Kaeng Bokfai. Return to Bangkok.

Route 3 : Depart from Bangkok in the morning. Have lunch in Muang District. Pay respect to the City Guard-ian Angel Shrine. Pay respect to Luang Poo Sonk at Chaofah Sala Loy  Temple. Visit Sawee District and Thum Khawan Muang Temple, Phra Thart Sawee Temple. Visit Thung Tako District and Arunothai Beach. Pay respect to Krom Luang Chumphon. Stay the night at a resort near Arunothai Beach. Stop to buy fresh fruit and jam at the local product center on the Highway, Sawee District. Return to Bangkok.

Route 4 : Depart from Bangkok at night. Have breakfast at Thung Wua Laen Bay. Boat trip to see the islands and rocks in Chumphon Bay. Diving to see coral, sea flowers and other marine lives around Jorakhey, Ngam Yai, Ngam Noi and Thalu Islands. Stop to have dinner and stay the night at Matra Island. Go angling or catching cuttlefish. Have breakfast at Matra Island. Visit Ree Beach. Pay respect to Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak. Return to Bangkok.

Festivals & Events

festivalBuddha Effigy Procession and Boat Race in Lang Suan District.
A tradition of Lang Suan District which is over a 100 years old.  It is believed  that on the 1st  night of the waning moon in the 11th  month the Lord Buddha returns to Sungkassa in India from heaven.  Many Buddhists therefore go to receive him.  The most convenient form of journey during that  time was by boat.  So, the people had a chance for a social gathering.  Later it became a Buddha procession and a boat race.  These events take place on the 1st  night  of the waning moon in the 11th  month (around August) of every year.  They last for about 5 days. The  major activities are a Buddha Effigy Boat Procession (many majestically adorned temple boats join in)  and a boat race in Lang Suan River.

Chumphon's Marine Festival
It takes place during the middle of March  and April every year The aim  is to promote Chumphon tourism-in order to distribute incomes among the local people, conserve natural resources. Main events : Angling  competition,  Tourism Photo Competition, Tourism Exhibition and Mini-Marathon.

krom luangKrom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Commemoration
This event takes place near City hall around 19-25th  December every year. The aim is to commemorate the Admiral Phra Chao Borommawongthir Krom Luang Chumphon  Khet Udomsak, the person who is highly revered by people in Chumphon, he is also the father of the Royal Thai Navy.  The main activities are Krom Luang Chumphon khet Udomsak Exhibition, Southern Art Exhibition and acting at night time.

Lang Suan Fruit Festival
It is held annually around August.  Its main objective is to promote agricultural products, especially orchard products of Lang Suan District.  Major events  :  Fruit competition, Jam Competition, Fruit Fair, Flower Car Competition and Fruit Maiden Pageant.

Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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