Buriram, known as the city of pleasantness, is one of largest and most populated provinces in Isan. It has as area of about 10,312,435 square km. In the past it was covered with shady trees and the land was fertile. Even the name "Buriram" means the city of happiness or the city of joy. Its population of 1.6 million people rank sixth among all provinces. Approximately 1.75 million Rai of the area is forest land. The main occupation here is rice farming. The average per capita income is 14,343 Baht.

North- Connects with Khon Kaen and Maha Sarakham.
East- Connects with Surin.
West- Connects with Nakhon Rachasima.
South- Connects with Prachin Buri and the Phanom Malai Mountain Range which divides Thailand and Cambodia. Buri Ram's frontier Amphoe (districts) are Amphoe Ban Kruat and Aphoe Lahan Sai, 44 km from Cambodia.

Buri Ram Province is divided in to 21 Amphoes and 2 king Amphoes (sub-districts). The distances from Amphoe Muang to other Amphoes are as follow :

 - Amphoe Ban Kruat 66 kms.
 - Amphoe Ban Mai Chaipot 85 kms.
 - Amphoe Chalerm Prakiat 68 kms.
 - Amphoe Huai Rat  12 kms.
 - Amphoe Khu Muang 33 kms.
 - Amphoe Krasang 32 kms.
 - Amphoe Lahan Sai 100 kms.
 - Amphoe Lamplaimat 32 kms.
 - Amphoe Na Pro 78 kms.
 - Amphoe Nang Rong 54 kms.
 - Amphoe Non Din Daeng 92 kms.
 - Amphoe Non Suwan 40 kms.
 - Amphoe Nong Hong 60 kms.
 - Amphoe Nong Ki 83 kms.
 - Amphoe Pa Kham 78 kms.
 - Amphoe Plab Pla Chai 40 kms.
 - Amphoe Prakhonchai 44 kms.
 - Amphoe Putthaisong 64 kms.
 - Amphoe Satuk  40 kms.
 - King Amphoe Ban Dan 15 kms.
 - King Amphoe Kan Dong 56 kms.

Getting to Buriram

By Car from Bangkok, take Highway No.1 (Phahonyothin Road) to Highway No.2 (Mittraphap Road) to Nakhon Ratchasima. Then turn right onto Highway No.24 on the Chok Chai-Det Udom Road, and another right 
to Buriram. The total distance is 410 km. A new route is from Nakhon Ratchasima on Highway No.226 past Amphoe Chakkarat, Huai Thalaeng and Lam Plai Mat. The distance on this route is only 384 km.
By Bus The Transport Co. operates a daily Bangkok-Buriram bus service. For more information, contract Tel 2710101-5 (regular bus) and 2794484-7 (air-condition bus).
By Train Express, rapid and ordinary trains are available to Buriram from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani. Air-conditioned diesel coaches on the Surin-Bangkok can be taken daily. The distance is 376 km.
By Plane Thai Airway International operates flight between Bangkok and Buriram. Call 2800070, 2700080 or 044-625066-7 for further information.

Tourist Informations

Nang Rong Tourist Infomation Center
8/1 Soi Srikul (Behind Ban Nong Ree School), Amphoe Nang Rong Tel. (044) 624-057
Buriram Cultural Center,Buriram Ratchaphat Institute, Amphoe Muang, Tel. (044) 611-221 
Buriram Provincial Office, City Hall, Amphoe Muang, Tel (044) 620-195, 620-431
Buriram Rung Tourist Service Center, Phanom Rung Historical Park, Amphoe Chalerm Phakiet, Tel. (044) 631-746

Festivals & Events

Apart from religious holidays, Songkran Day and the New Year, the people of Buriram has many  interesting traditions such as the Fifth Month Festival in which there is merit-making and folk pays such as Saba and tug-of-war. In some areas, like Phutthaisong, there are processions and candle contests during the Buddhist Lent. The Loi Krathong Festival is also widely celebrated here.

Buri Ram Kite Festivalkait
is held during the harvest season when the northeast monsoon winds blow across the region. Villagers come out to fly kites at this time and the festival is now and annual event. Buriram had its first kite festival in 1986. Villagers from around the area are invited to come and fly kites for prizes. A kite must be over 2.5 meters wide to be eligible. Kites are judged by their beauty, sound - making and flying styles. A grand kite procession is well worth seeing.
The festival's venue is the Provincial Stadium, Amphoe Huai Rat, and is held in the second weekend of December.

Buri Ram Long Boat Races
is an annual event that is held in the first weekend of November. The competition is held on the Mun River when the water level is highest . Teams from nearby and afar come to race in front of Amphoe Satuk District Office to vie for a trophy awarded by His Majesty the King and H.R.H. princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
Originally a local event to enhance friendship and pay homage to Chao Pho Wang Krut (a whirlpool in the Mun River), the event became a yearly event in 1986. Over 50 boats regularly complete and join in fancy boat processions. A highlight of the races is the elephant swimming contest. Something to watch is also the elephants parading through the city to the accompaniment of lively music.

Phanom Rung Festival
is held every April to pay homage to the replica of Lord Buddha's footprint in the sanctuary. A number of activities are organized to preserve the ancient culture of the province such as the Procession of the Ancient Khmers, a light -and-sound show recounting Phanom Rung's past and a Hope By Dinner.

Phra Chao Yai Wat Hong Fair
is held every February to pay homage to this most sacred Buddha image for the Buriram people. Celebrations go on for three days and include a variety of entertainment.

Information provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand

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